Operations Leadership Development Programme

We do not provide ‘off-the-shelf’ training. Instead we work with clients to identify needs and to establish an appropriate intervention based on an understanding of the current business issues.

A typical programme would last 12-18 months and include a number of modules in which the taught-content is delivered.

We teach by case, most of which are written by us and based either on a real problem that your own organisation has, or problems  we’ve encountered with other clients. We use business simulations (some call these ‘games’) to allow experiential learning to occur. In addition, we identify shop floor problems prior to a module and get delegates into the business to engage with local personnel to find solutions to them in an action project. These projects provide opportunities for delegates to practice the skills they have learned whilst simultaneously providing a return on investment.

Between modules, learning sets are created and delegates are expected to identify and deliver improvement projects in their workplace: one to one coaching is available to support this activity.

Where possible, a module will include a ‘community day’ where delegates can apply their intellect and talents to help others. In previous courses these have been some of the most powerful and often humbling of experiences. In one course we developed operational capability for an organisation in Delhi teaching disabled youngsters in manufacturing skills.

Lastly, we teach delegates to teach others. We ask them to become experts in an operations improvement approach and to create an effective teaching session. We do this since long-term operations advantage comes from leaders who can deliver and sustain change.